6 Inch Obsidian Mirror

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During pre hispanic times, polished obsidian mirrors, or tezcatl, were used as instruments of divination and magic. Wise nahuas, or Tlamatinimés,  gazed into the mirror and made a mystic travel within the smoky depths of the mirror's reflection.

The obsidian mirror was the primary accessory of the supreme Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, whose name means "smoking mirror." He is often depicted with an obsidian mirror on his chest, in his headdress, or replacing his right foot. Tezcatlipoca was the lord of the night and its creatures—above all, the jaguar, a powerful animal believed capable of crossing between the earthly realm and the underworld. 

*A metal stand is included with each Obsidian Mirror. 

Source: The Getty Research Institute


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